How to Write a News Article


News is an event which is important or interesting enough to be reported in newspapers, magazines, radio or television. It is generally about people, though stories about natural disasters, weather, food and drink, or even plants or animals can also make the news. News is often considered to be important because it makes people think, or because it can affect the way that a society functions.

News can also be controversial, as many readers will have strong opinions on the subject of an article. This means that a good news article will not just report on one view of an issue, but will present the other side of the story as well. This will help to keep the reader interested and informed.

A good news article will begin with a hook which will grab the attention of the reader, for example a dramatic anecdote or a surprising fact. This is called the lede and it is essential to keep in mind when writing a news article. It is important to write the lede in a clear and concise way so that it can catch the interest of the reader.

After the lead comes the nut graph which is the main body of the news article. This will contain the key information about the story, for example who, what, when, where and why. This information will often be sourced from secondary sources, for example other newspapers or reports. The nut graph will then be followed by the detail of the story, this might include interviews with witnesses or experts on the subject.

In addition to sourcing information from secondary sources, news articles will often include opinion pieces which are written by experts in the subject area or by ordinary citizens with knowledge of the issue. These opinions may challenge or support the nut graph, or they might offer a different perspective to the issue. It is important to include an opinion piece when writing a news article as it can add an element of controversy and debate which will be of interest to the reader.

Unlike opinion pieces, news articles should not be written in first or second person. It is preferable to use a third person voice, although there may be occasions when it is necessary to refer to the subject in first or second person. It is a good idea to have an extra pair of eyes look at any piece of news writing before it is submitted for publication. This will help to ensure that all the facts and information are correct and that the article is well written.

The content of a news article will vary from society to society, as what is interesting or significant in one place may not be in another. In general, however, news will be about people because that is what most of us are interested in. People’s actions, their fortunes and misfortunes all make for interesting reading. For example, if a man bites a dog it is news, but if a cyclone or drought or volcanic eruption kills hundreds of people it is not news.