The Entertaiment Industry


Entertaiment is an industry that offers entertainment to audiences. This may be in the form of music, shows, or zoo animals. Regardless of the form, entertainment brings people together to enjoy life and the things in it. In the United States, entertainment is an important part of the economy, and it continues to grow.

It includes music

Music is a form of art that makes use of sound and time to create emotions. It usually involves singers and instrumentalists. The word “music” derives from the Greek word “mousike”, which means “art of the Muses.” The Ancient Greek Muses were the goddesses of art, poetry, and music. Musicians are musicians, who play musical instruments for the enjoyment of others.

It includes zoo animals

Animals in zoos are protected under federal, state and local laws, and international conventions. In particular, there are laws that govern the trade and movement of endangered species. The CITES convention is the central source of this legislation, which regulates international trade in endangered species. The CITES convention identifies three appendices: Appendix I covers the most endangered species, and Appendix II protects the most vulnerable species. Membership in CITES is entirely voluntary. Animals kept in zoos prior to 1973 are not covered under CITES provisions.

It requires a sense of humor

Developing a sense of humor is a valuable trait, and it is often related to personality traits. Those with good senses of humor are often also creative in other areas. The ability to come up with funny remarks is associated with agreeableness, a personality trait. People who are low on agreeableness often engage in biting or caustic humor.