Types of News


There are several different types of news. Some are about Crime, while others focus on Money or Famous people. The purpose of news is to inform the public about events. The types of news are largely dependent on the type of audience that they are intended for. The impact on the audience is directly proportional to the type of news.


In news stories, the topic of crime usually focuses on violent crime. The coverage of this topic varies depending on the news media’s format and the level of access to serious crimes. One news source, for example, focused almost half of its coverage on homicides. This is not to say that the media should ignore other types of crimes; it is simply a matter of choosing what stories to include.

To investigate how crime stories are selected and presented, I used content analysis and ethnographic methods to understand what factors influence the type of stories a news outlet chooses to tell. This research was conducted on network and syndicated crime stories over a six-month period. I worked with three coders to analyze a total of 272 hours of television.


The word “money” often makes you think of the economy. While there are certainly some problems with the economy, it is still a great place to make money. You don’t necessarily need to be an investor to make money. It’s a good idea to be informed and educated about the world around you. Fortunately, you can do this by reading the news about money.

Famous people

Many famous people have made headlines. Some are in entertainment, while others are famous for their public service. There are also many people who become famous in sports. You might have seen famous athletes, politicians, and movie stars in the news, but what about those who have made history in other fields? Many people have come from seemingly nowhere to gain popularity.

Public interest

Public interest journalism is an important counter to the dark side of the media. It often exposes corruption and public misbehavior, and can lead to royal commissions and the removal of corrupt politicians. It can also reveal child sex abuse in the church and lead to public hearings. Recent examples of public interest journalism include stories by ABC and Fairfax Media exposing the influence of Chinese money in Australian politics.

Public interest news is both informative and entertaining. Public broadcasters should be free to take a stand on contested issues without fear of being called partisan. However, a narrower definition may lead to some public interest news providers having to restrict their political opinions or reporting. Ideally, all public interest news providers should benefit from the working group’s recommendations.